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Why Is My Account Suspended?

The Most Common Reasons Accounts become suspended are:

1. Rejected or Bounced eMails (eMails are being returned to our servers as undeliverable):

If you know you signed up using Gmail please check that your Gmail account isn’t over quota, inactive, or that the inbox is full and rejecting (bouncing) our emails.

Even if you believe you have whitelisted our email address or that you are unaware of how Gmail is handling your account, Gmail will bounce your emails if your account is over quota or inactive. Example: not cleaning up your email account or even logging in over a period of time. Please refer to for more information.

2. You are not using a Gmail address or one from Viral In Box *

*Viral In Box was developed by Internet Marketers for the Online Marketing Community to solve many email problems such as those caused by bounced emails.

3. Your Email Address has a BOXBE or Other Auto Response attached*

4. Incorrect Clicks when opening Mail

5. You have unsubscribed from Member Mailings. Frequent bounced emails will automatically unsubscribe you from receiving our email and then suspend your account.

In each case where your account is suspended and you wish to have it reinstated, you need to open a support ticket to get your account reinstated.

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