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Login Problems

Most login problems can easily be solved by clearing your browser cache. Occasionally you will get an automatic temporary block on the server-side if you tried to log in multiple times in a very short time, possibly you are using multiple proxies or a VPN that changes your DNS several times within a few minutes. In those instances, it is temporary and will automatically reset in about an hour, or the next day at most.

In addition to clearing your browser cache, you may need to perform a Flush DNS cache in Windows.

To Flush the DNS Cache:

1.At the bottom left corner, type cmd in the Start menu’s search bar, and press Enter.  ((clicking on the

2. Type ipconfig /flushdns in the Command Prompt, and press Enter.

3. The user has now flushed the DNS Cache and will receive a message that they have successfully done so.

4. Type ‘exit’ into Command Prompt or select the red X at the top right corner of the window to exit the Command Prompt.

It is very rare that we manually Suspend or prevent anyone from being able to login.  This would only happen if you seriously violated our Terms of Service, etc.  If this happens open a Ticket and we will investigate to see if you have been blocked and why.

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