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Week 2 Cross Promo Cash Pool Results

Congratulations to the Week 2 Winners of the December Cross Promo Cash Pool.

1st Place jelle655 — 9 points $1.50
*Tie 2nd Place IngaOz — 7 points $1.13
*Tie 2nd Place wisgrandma — 7 points $1.13
4th Place marsha32 —  5 points $0.90

*Two people tied for 2nd so the prize for 2nd and 3rd added together and then divided by 2. If we continue this promo next year we will have a better tiebreaker.

While others completed cross promos during the week they chose not to participate in the cash pool.

Week 3 is already underway and there is plenty of time to join in. Details are in this blog post