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$15 Weekly Cross Promo Pool

From November 27, 2022  until the end of the year we will be running a $ 15-a-week cash prize pool for the Members who have completed at least 3 cross promos from any of the Traffic Exchanges on our Network Hub   during the week and who want to enter the prize pool.  If you cannot connect to a site listed in the cross promo ignore that promo and go on to another one. 

Rankings will be determined by the number of cross promos completed during the week. The week begins on Sunday and ends on Saturday. Each completed cross promo counts as one point toward the rankings.

The top 25 members who enter the prize pool will receive a part of the Jackpot amount.   First gets 10%, second gets 8%, third gets 7% and so on all the way down to 21st-25th that get 1% each. 

The catch? You have to enter the pool each week. It is NOT automatic.  After you complete your last cross promo on Saturday of each week you need to open a support ticket here and submit a note something like this example:  My username is (your username) and my user ID# is (your rid number).  The week ending on December 3, 2022  I completed a total of 10 cross promotions.  I completed 3 at, 2 at, 4 at, and 1 at

For example, this is how I  would lay out my sheet of paper. For, I would abbreviate AKH. NinjaSurf I would just write Ninja. DragonSurf, just Dragon, HitsBoosterPro just HBPro, etc.
I would make Columns like this. Under each column a mark for each completed cross promo as I completed them.
AKH     Ninja      Dragon    HBPro     HighHits     HitsViral           Tezzers
|||           ||              ||             ||||              |                   |                         ||||

On Saturday, I add them up and see I have a total of 17 and I also have how many I have for each Traffic Exchange.

Winnings will be added to your Cash & Commission Account  (not your Wallet Account Balance) at after we verified everything manually.  It may take a couple of days before anything appears in your account.  Winnings are eligible for cash withdrawal into your Wise Account once the threshold has been met (currently $10).

We may continue this promotion after December 31, 2022 depending upon the interest and participation of members.